Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Lives in 30 Weeks

A note from Janet Weinberg, Chief Operating Officer, GMHC
I know we keep hearing that the AIDS crisis is over but I am here to tell you it is not. Last week I went to the last memorial service to be held at our current location before GMHC moves. The GMHC community marked the loss of 30 of our clients who died of complications due to HIV disease over the last 30 weeks. That‚s right. Every week for the last 30 weeks one of our clients lost their lives to HIV. I would hardly call this crisis over.

In just 10 days, GMHC will be moving to a new home at 446 West 33 St. Our new home includes improved space and accommodations such as a brand new kitchen that will prepare about 100,000 meals per year for our clients along with a new cafeteria that includes an entire wall of windows for clients to look out on while enjoying their meals. We also have a brand new work force development area, confidential sound proof offices for client counseling, and all new modern furniture and fixtures. I have personally overseen the details of this move and would be honored to arrange to give you tour if you would like.

Even though there has been success with drug treatments that are prolonging some people's lives, they don't work for everyone. These treatments can also take their toll physically, and for many cause awful side-effects. I am also concerned that so many young people in New York City are getting infected. There is a dire need for comprehensive prevention programs and services that target youth in their language. And above all, there is still no cure in sight.

GMHC is the nation's oldest and most comprehensive AIDS service organization, serving approximately 11,000 people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS and their families each year, and countless more through its prevention and advocacy work locally and nationally.

I have set an ambitious fundraising goal and I need your help in order to reach it! I would really appreciate your help. Please sponsor me for AIDS Walk New York. After making your donation, you may be able to double your donation with a matching gift!

Thank you for supporting AIDS Walk New York and for helping to put an end to this epidemic.  

Much love,

Janet Weinberg

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