Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Joyful Note About GMHC's Annual Holiday Dinner

On Friday, December 16, GMHC hosted the annual holiday dinner and gift give-a-way to about 500 clients.  It was a festive and beautiful evening.  Our Chef, Wilson Rodriguez, received the following e-mail from a client who attended the dinner:

"Dear Wilson,

"I left your dining room last Friday on cloud 9.  I have difficulty believing anybody cares for me but the amount of caring I received from all your wonderful regular crew and the volunteers for the evening was incredible.  Together, you all gave us another wonderful dinner, like the one for Thanksgiving. (I had planned on writing to you then to say THANKS, but I'm doing it now!)

"It's as if you thought of everything for our comfort.  I notice the little things in life,  like the decorative napkins already on the tables.To the egg nog, who would have thought that would be available to us. It's my favorite beverage! 

"Serving the hors d'oeuvres on the line makes good sense and gets the whole thing started.  I had the hen, perfectly glazed & so tasty. That evening I didn't even mind the carrots, among the vegetable medley.

"Your kitchen is as famous now as it was at 24th Street for the amazing soups you create each day.  Hiding the spinach in the pumpkin soup went down a treat, as I'm not really a fan of spinach either.

"With all those vegetables out of the way...dessert for me is always the best part of the meal.  And you did not disappoint! In fact I want to say that it is very noticeable that since the move to 33 Street, the desserts have become more experimental, elaborate, tasty and attractive to the eye.  Well done!

"The meals are very important to me and I do really appreciate them and all the effort you put into the different daily menu. I also though want to point out that an equally large part of the whole experience of eating at GMHC is the welcoming and friendly attitude of all the staff & volunteers.  They are not just "doing things" for me,  you can actually feel that they want to be there, doing for us all.

"The coat check also  adds comfort to the experience.  And I was impressed by the one way flow of the arriving and leaving system. I learned about it when I went to get the gift bag without my jacket.  I was told I could only get a bag when leaving...through the back stairs. All very orderly.

"It was all a jolly good show!

"Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season and good health in the New Year.


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