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Lisa Lampanelli Says...

by Joshua Estrin, Pop Culture Examiner
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Credit: Josh Estrin
When I got the opportunity to take our Twitter “romance” to the next level and interview Lisa Lampanelli I was beyond excited, but I really didn’t know what to expect.   Clearly, no one as funny as she happens by accident.  So I knew I would be talking to one smart cookie.   I was not disappointed as Lisa (since we are now “bestsies”) is caustic, controversial and at times a bit crazy, but she is also unbelievably sensitive and insightful and not afraid to show that side as freely as her more public persona.

Credit: Lisa Lampanelli
So in a sit down and whack ya up side the head with ya’ funny bone, Lampanelli shoots the “breeze” as only she can and doesn’t hold anything back…

Joshua Estrin: If you weren’t a comedian, what other profession (s) interest you?

Lisa Lampanelli: Ya’ know, some people have great answers for questions like this.  They talk about wanting to be chefs, astro (fxxing) physicists… I don’t know, it ‘s simple for me.  I like to be funny, I like to think I am pretty damn funny so big surprise I always wanted to be a comedian.

JE: You are the queen of the roasts… Is there anything you won’t say?  Any topics taboo?

LL: Anything I won’t say?  Yeah, I don’t say shxxt that isn’t funny.   If it’s not funny I won’t say it but if it is… That’s my job.   Take Whitney Houston for instance, if I am going to make a joke about her right after her death, I better make damn sure what I say is damn funny – AND IT WAS!

JE: Many people may not realize how philanthropic you are.   Why do you feel compelled to give back and do you have any charities that are especially important to you?

LL: For a long time I was a giver and then I don’t know... I got out of the habit, I forgot… Who knows, but to be honest I wasn’t doing what I could to help people.  One time I ended up going toe to toe with a bunch of “haters” from the West Baptist Church and I decided I was going to donate $1,000 dollars for EVERY protestor who showed up to spew their anti-LGBT crap.  $50,000 plus dollars later I was back in the giving mode and I think I made my point.  Don’t Fxxck with me and if ya do, I am going to find a way to make you look like an idiot and do some good for the people who deserve help and support.

As for my charities… I believe in the work of the NYC based charity Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC).   They take up a fxxcking city block and in that space they take care of business.  They help people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS and they give people a sense of purpose and dignity.

JE: What CAN you tell us about the Celebrity Apprentice?

LL: It is going to be one hell of season.  Some people were surprised how “reserved” I was in the first episode…  Don’t get used to it.   I am menopausal and I play to win.  Those men are so damn boring I feel like I could perform a bodily function on the Boardroom table and it would be more interesting and some of the women on my team...

JE: What are the greatest misconceptions people have about you?

LL: Oh I don’t think people give a crxp about me.  I don’t think they stay up nights wondering what I’m really like when I’m not being me.  But, just in case one “freak” out there wants to know.  I work hard, really hard every day and yes shxt does bother me and I am not some bxitch without a soul.    Just in case one “freak” wants to know.
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Josh Estrin's interview was first published in the on March 16, 2012.

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